SOFRESUD is a high-tech SME which designs, develops, installs and maintains innovative equipment for naval defense as well as maritime surveillance.

Created in 1989 by a group of engineers experimented in the management and implementation of great projects for the National Defense, SOFRESUD then evolved towards the following fields of skill

• Development of operational systems for safety and defense-related activities;

• Development and management of operational defense systems.

These choices led to major innovative research and developments such as the QPD (Quick Pointing Device), an advanced target designation system used as the last ditch of defense against air threat and asymmetrical surface threat. QPD solution, wholly develops by SOFRESUD including physical and functional interfaces with the system it is connected to, has already been selected by major Navies to equip their military vessels.

SOFRESUD steadily invests in R&D activities with almost a quarter of its turnover to develop new concepts and surveillance / safety maritime systems. 

More information about us

Short presentation and historic about our main activities, in France and abroad.

Industrial Partnership

As French maritime SME, our adhesion to same sector company clusters, competitivity centers allow us to reach out on our activity sectors internationally.

Our results

For 2013/2014, our turnover is growing by 10% thanks to its export sales.


In a constant quality improvement way, SOFRESUD is ISO 9001 version 2008 certified as “Research, development, production and product lifecycle management of high-tech systems – Management of programs”


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