Industrial Partnership

As French maritime SME, our adhesion to same sector company clusters, competitivity centers allow us to reach out on our activity sectors internationally.

Mr Bernard ALHADEF, SOFRESUD CEO, is currently managing the EDEN PACA group, a French SME cluster in the Defense Sector in the South East Region in France. This cluster allows its members to have a real competitive advantage, promote its members and have the skill to benefit of a negotiating power in front of multinational groups leader on the industry.

SOFRESUD is part of the Mediterranean Marine Competitivity center, which is supporting us in our different actions and projects, on the design and ergonomic in our research and development projects.

Our SME is also a French Maritime Cluster member, in the aim of developing our business network in the merchant navy and to develop solutions against piracy.

 Our company is member of GICAN, French Marine Industry Group and we are involved in a lot of international missions supported by the GICAN, to benefit from their network, their experiences and their help to export abroad.

SOFRESUD is Comité RICHELIEU member, innovative SME organization only.


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