Maritime Surveillance

Maritime surveillance and safety: sector stakes

As a key issue, maritime surveillance coversnot only protection and safety of humans and goods during transportation but also environment protection and risks prevention.

Many aspects must be considered:

  • Ships safety which includes vessel, crew and passengers
  • Transport safety and maritime traffic facilitation fluidity
  • Maritime security which covers preventing andcombating illicit acts like terrorism, malicious actions against ship, crew and passengers or harbor infrastructures.
  • Navigation zones immensityraisesvarious problems : The sea is free and accessible worldwide
  • Maritime activities are exploding in our globalized economy which allow small non cooperative crafts to attack big tankers or provider ships
  • The fastest detection as a real necessity to drive to optimal reactions
  • Everything melted resources and multiples actors’ interaction mix with legal aspects and their complexity.

Technological innovation to meet these challenges

SOFRESUD is a recognized actor in maritime safety and security solutions. The company continuously innovates in acquisition, data processing, computer and network systems so as to provide relevant decision-making solutions to address malicious activities at sea.


VMAS belongs to the category of advanced fleet management system, using the most recent and proven technologies applied in the AIS and radar signal processing.


To meet the rising threat towards merchant ships, AUTOPROTECTION project aims to design, build and test full-scale demonstrator of a new concept of non-lethal protection against maritime piracy.


Development of a global system of alert and graded response taking care of all the chain of protection of the infrastructure, since the detection of a potential threat up to the implementation of the reaction.
Main goal: reinforce civil operational environment.

Vessels’ Real Time Database

As part of R&D projects funded by the French Agency for the Research or by the EU, SOFRESUD designed, developed and maintains a database of ship data gathering, as a validation of surveillance and alert lifted all information in static or semi-dynamic on ships.


  • Maritime Surveillance

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