VMAS belongs to the category of advanced fleet management system, using the most recent and proven technologies applied in the AIS and radar signal processing.

VMAS solution, developed by SOFRESUD, is an efficient solution to monitor a fleet of vessels equipped with AIS.

VMAS has been especially thought for offshore oil &gas activities taken into account specific requests of this domain. It has been designed to offer surveillance operators the best user experience in term of ergonomics and simplicity.

VMAS operator screen has been thought to provide a quick understanding of the global situation and an easy access to all the information of interest thanks to frames, icons and widgets.

When interfaced with appropriate radar system, VMAS offers operators the necessary complementary tool to track non cooperative vessels navigating in the area of interest.

The system design allows its deployment on any private network and VMAS manage simultaneous connections with a secure access (login/password).

Thanks to its native web-based client-server architecture, any authenticated user can access the application from a simple web browser.

Key data

  • Fleet monitoring
  • Centralized management and monitoring from Operational Centre on land/onshore
  • Automatic and personalized alerts initiation
  • Easily interfaced with sensors like AIS and radar
  • Multi user secure online access
  • Geographic zone personalization
  • Standardized maritime maps and/or personalized maps available

NIGERIAN TOTAL subsidiary is trusting us and has selected SOFRESUD VMAS solution to protect its offshore platforms and monitor security vessels. Illicit traffics are also expanding in the Guinea Golfe, so TOTAL NIGERIA would like to control and to verify supply ships safety but as well its employee security and protection.


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