Our R&D Projects

For the past fortnight, SOFRESUD develops a R & D proactive policy. Always focused on the core business of the company, the R & D allows SOFRESUD to offer innovative products and cutting edge technology. For this SOFRESUD relies on its academic partners such as the Graduate School of Mechanics (SUPMECA) or central crisis management ARMINES.

It is through this voluntary effort that products like QPD, VMAS or CVAO emerged.


CVAO is a system designed to ensure visual inspection quality in assisting the visual controller during the control of the structure. It also allows a practical answer to the usual control process in order to avoid limitations and restrictions implied by former visual inspection methods.


The 3 years research project "GYROVIZ" addresses the challenge of automatic modeling of 3D physical scenes from located frames. The central motivation of our proposal stems from the observation of the current limitations of image-based modeling systems, which require a substantial amount of user interaction for matching the images. This limitation becomes even more critical when dealing with massive datasets to match.


  • Our R&D Projects

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