CVAO is a system designed to ensure visual inspection quality in assisting the visual controller during the control of the structure. It also allows a practical answer to the usual control process in order to avoid limitations and restrictions implied by former visual inspection methods.

With CVAO, inspectors and experts now have a solution for reliable visual inspections, by offering an acquisition of reliable specific data to be shared, transmitted, stored and used to control the structure evolution, the changes in the state of structures between two inspections to identify problems and preserve evidence.

It’s crucial to overcome the risk of copying errors, to overpass the difficulties in reliable and accurate identification, to avoid subjectivity characterization of defects and to reduce the processing time to establish a consolidated statement inspection.

Key data

  • CAD map localization
  • Tested in harsh environments
  • Picture as characterization support
  • A polyvalent toolwhich structure the work
  • Dedicated to localized defects in metallurgy field like corrosion, cracks
  • Reduction of non-qualities and increased productivity
  • Support to remote expertise, tracing the evolution of structures,
  • Any type of structure: Shipbuilding and Repair, Offshore, Civil Engineering, Production and distribution of energy, ...

2009 – mid 2011 

CVAO project has been supported by the FUI, Fond Unique Interministériel, since January 2009 and ends 2 years and half

Labelised by: Mediteranean Marine Competitivity Centre

Led by: DCNS

Project partners: SOFRESUD and SUPMECA (IMQ as main supplier]

End 2011 – beginning 2012

CVAO v1.0 system’s industrialization.

Mid 2012

Running of our first CVAO system, 1 server and 5 operator stations for DCNS TOULON.


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